Welcome to my website and thank you for taking a look at my photo gallery.


My name is Peter Huszar. I am a landscape photographer living in the beautiful city of Budapest. This website is the materialization of my long time aspiration to present my work to the public.


my first apartment and I felt that it would be nice to decorate the walls with some of my own black and white pictures. At that time my view and knowledge about photography into taking pictures since then) my affection to this form of art started only about 10 years ago. In 2005 I moved stoppedUnlike many other photographers (who got their first camera at the age of 8 and haven’t was very simplistic: it’s easy, you only need to push the button on the camera as the scene on the other side of the lens is given. (In fact, at the time I even didn’t consider photography a real art ☺) So I bought my first digital SLR camera, walked around the city and pushed the button (many times). As the results didn’t meet my expectations I began to realize that taking a good picture was not that easy. Therefore in 2006, I decided to take a basic course where I was introduced into many aspects of photography. I liked all of them.


So then why landscape photography?

  • I've found more potential in composition;

  • I can do it everywhere I go;

  • I don’t have to bother with lighting up the entire scene with different light sources (nature does it for me);

  • I don’t have to instruct models.

  • and finally Tamás Imre and his wife Anikó whose enthusiasm and way of teaching nature photography amazed me.


I like taking landscapes and cityscapes mainly in panoramic format and chasing the good light. With my pictures I am not trying to communicate a complex artistic message but to create a final output pleasing to my eyes (and hopefully to yours as well…☺).


In 2014 I decided to try myself on the international scene and entered the EPSON International Pano Award panorama photography competition. I was very happy that “Misty Morning” received a bronze award and my other submitted images were very close to getting an award as well.

The following year “Old Friends” and “The Chain Bridge And The Buda Castle” were featured in the 2015 edition of the Panobook which is the showcase of the digital panorama photography competition organized each year by Kolor.


I am inspired by the work of several photographers like Ian Plant, Peter Lik, Mark Gray, Serge Ramelli (just to name a few) and the images of Arnaud Frich and Hervé Sentucq have had the most influence on my panoramic images however my main source of inspiration is my Wife with her continuous support and encouragement.


Thank you again for your visit and hope you will come back soon and regularly.




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